Measuring and Rewarding Transparency
in Sustainability Reporting

We believe that all stakeholders should be enabled to make informed decisions. Therefore, transparent and high-quality sustainability reporting from corporates is needed. Our Global ESG Monitor methodology provides data-driven insights, helping companies and their advisors pinpoint areas for improvement and establish benchmarks in sustainability reporting. This commitment to excellence allows us to honor outstanding sustainability reports with the prestigious Integrity Star Award.

No business models are judged. We are committed to excellence in sustainability and corporate reporting. Therefore, we offer a dynamic platform for companies and the sustainability ecosystem to showcase their sustainability efforts and learn from each other. For more information, see Impact Challenger Days.


Why enter your
sustainability reporting?


Choosing Objectivity over Subjectivity:

By employing the GEM Assayâ„¢, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of reporting quality, meticulously assessing around 5,000 variables. This rigorous approach guarantees an impartial selection of winners, free from bias or jury.

Receive Detailed, Actionable Feedback:

Each submission is accompanied by a concise challenger report (10-15 pages), providing valuable insights for both reporting novices and experienced professionals.

Compare Your Report With our Sample.

To gain deeper insights, you can compare your results with your competitors. Learn more about our Benchmark Report.


Following the awards ceremony on September 12, we will launch a series of virtual webinars.



Double Materiality


We will bring top experts to the stage to share their knowledge and discuss the latest sustainability topics!

Target Audience

  • Companies, regardless of their reporting status or ownership (private or public).
  • Companies that must disclose sustainability information due to supply chain impacts.
  • The entire sustainability ecosystem, including advisors, software providers, auditors, NGOs, and more.

Scope of the Event

  • 30 presentations covering a wide range of topics and industries.
  • 3 stages featuring engaging performances and informative sessions.
  • A spacious area of 2,000 square meters for attendees to explore and network.